Fosun RZ Capital

Fosun RZ Capital was founded in 2013. As an equity investment institution with a global layout and unique industrial resource advantages, Fosun RZ Capital focuses on investment in technology and new commerce industries, bringing resourceful and financial support to the portfolio companies.
Meanwhile, Fosun RZ Capital is empowering portfolios with resources in the four major business sectors of Fosun including health, happiness, wealth and smart manufacturing. It helps portfolio companies maximize their potential, achieving leap-forward also international growth.

  • 7

    Global Offices

  • 100

    Billion AUM(approx)

  • 100+

    Portfolio Companies

  • 70%+


Investment Portfolio

Focuses on technology innovation-driven companies as well as new consumer brands and services.
Full-stage and Global Capital Support
Long-term focus on investment in high-growth, high-tech companies in regions worldwide with significant economic growths. Fosun RZ Capital covers cutting-edge technological innovation in the United States and Israel, along with high-growth emerging markets in China, India, and Southeast Asia, creating an influential global industry-wide innovation ecosystem.

  • Globalization
  • Technology
  • New Consumption
We are hiring for global talents
We offer highly competitive salary packages ( benefits and perks included ) and a long-term career development platform to build a top-tier team in a diverse, equitable and inclusive working environment.